Creating A Solid Foundation Built on Balance and Trust

Our horse riding school has had the opportunity to help countless students acquire foundational skills, develop new techniques and confidently move forward in their learning journey. We provide a wide range of courses to support students from all backgrounds and levels. We are located at 6127 Fathers Place right next to the airport.

Horse Riding Lessons are taught by a coach with over 20 years of expertise.

Certified Equine Massage Therapist

Multi-National Championship Titles

International Endurance Competitor

Trained and showed western pleasure, cutting horse, three-day event, race track, endurance and in hand.

Kyra enjoys teaching students in a way that will turn their equestrian skills into a lifelong passion. Students will learn both riding and horsemanship. Horse riding is an excellent way to lead a healthy life, get fit and gain confidence in all aspects of life.


Horses have been a lifelong passion and career for Kyra. From a young age, she was drawn to spirited 'problematic' horses. Kyra has competed in three-day eventing, endurance raced internationally and won National Championships. She is a certified Equine Massage Therapist graduating from 2 year BC college of Equine Therapy Course. This allows her to assess and correct imbalances in the horse, rider and saddle fit. She also passes this knowledge on to her students. It is important to be able to assess if a horse and rider's performance is affected by physical imbalances. You will learn this right from handling the horse, grooming and from the saddle.


Kyra has started colts, trained, guided and taught across Canada, USA, New Zealand, and Australia. She has worked alongside many coaches, trainers, vets, and breeders. She continues to upgrade her knowledge and riding skills. ​

We would love to chat with you regarding your goals with your horse.



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