Autism  Therapeutic Program

We are proudly an approved service provider for Autism Funding though Equine Assisted Learning, and Specialized Equine Therapeutic Activities.  

The benefits of therapeutic riding are limitless.  The barn becomes a sacred place where our participants always look forward to coming.  There is a huge empowerment in being able to work with a 1200 pound animal that joyfully participates in a partnership. Participants develop an emotional bond with the horses. This has a great impact on self-esteem and self-confidence.  Depression and anxiety melt away while participants learn to self-regulate their emotions.  This will transfer and continue to manifest in their day-to-day activities.  Our facility is a safe, inclusive space where everyone is drawn together through the horses, giving a strong sense of belonging and community.

The Science 

The horse's electromagnetic field is twenty times that of a human reaching 45-50 feet beyond their body.  Being within a horse's magnetic field lowers blood pressure, decreases stress, produces pain suppressors, and teaches emotional regulation.  Participants become calm and present in the moment.  We welcome and enjoy teaching the all unique individuals including ADHD, Anxiety and ASD. 

Many of our clients arrive on the property and instantly feel at ease.  There is a peacefulness in the air.  A calm centre.  We have had students suffer from great trauma only to open up through the work with the horses.  Each session is unique and caters to the individual. 

Our program is very unique in that it doesn’t just teach the basics of riding and general horse care.  We dig deep inside and create an unbreakable bond with the horses.  This includes liberty, horsemanship, stable management, nutrition, connection, brushing, and riding.  

With every session, we are creating something so special here.  We are striving to make a great difference in this world.  We look to bring out the greatness in everyone who steps onto the property.  Please contact us today to see if we can suit your needs. 

We have proudly worked with The Bridge, Wounded Warriers, and Central Okanagan Hospice Association. 

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