Welcome to Kyra Londos Equestrian

Our riding lessons are built on a strong foundation of trust and balance.  Students will learn relationship-based training.  They will learn to connect and find success working with their horse.  Lessons include care for the horse, liberty, groundwork and riding.  We offer private and group sessions. 

We are a horseback riding school located right by the airport.

We have a variety of programs to suit each individual. 

Private lessons - A private lesson is great for beginner riders.  We teach how to get the horses ready, how to ride and how to care for the horse.  Once a rider is comfortable posting the trot on their own they are ready to join one of our group lessons.  

Some of our advanced riders also prefer private lessons to excel with one on one focus.

Group lessons - Our group lessons are a ton of fun.  The group dynamic is great to learn from others and make life long friends.  Group lessons warm up with flat work then move into jumping.  Our group lessons also include trail rides, cross country, liberty and many students love to cool out bare back.

Competitive team - Our competitive program focuses on preparing for competitions.  Our focus is three day eventing and derbies.  Three day eventing focuses on Dressage, Show Jumping and Cross Country.  The competitive team leases or owns.  Riding multiple times a week and lessons twice a week or more.

Therapeutic - This is one of our most important programs.  We are a service provider for autism funding.  Our Therapeutic sessions focus on each individuals needs.  Our sessions have helped with emotional regulation, calming anxiety, confidence, social skills, gross and fine motor skills.  It really is limitless.

Pony rides - Geared for ages 3+ this is a great way to introduce riding for young kids.  We also have horses available for adults.  

Therapeutic Day Camps - Did you know we have worked with The Bridge, Wounded Warriers, and Central Okanagan Hospice Association?  Bring your ideas we would love to create a day camp just for you!

If you have any further questions about our program please reach out KyraLondos@gmail.com